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Submit the discussion questions in the same attachment. Please number every answer I
and project. Submit in rich text format ONLY.
Answer all of the assignments in a brief essay format
SOC 21 2
Unit #10 Final Exam

Submit 2 pages per question (4 pages total) doubled spaced and be sure to
note your sources!

1. Compare a film about World War II with one about the Vietnam War. Analyze the
extent to which they were realistic, after conducting research about each war. Focus on
concepts introduced in Chapter 14 when analyzing the facts of the wars, the bloodshed,
and the violence. You may focus on an issue such as increased technology or
weaponry of each war or utilize the functionalist perspective to explain the functions and
dysfunctions of war at the two time periods. You may want to explore in what ways war
would be affected if nuclear weapons were ever employed.

2. Select a major American city an investigate how trash and garbage is disposed of in
that city. Conduct research on innovative methods employed in some cities. Submit a
detailed report on the new techniques and if they are employed in the city of your
choice. Decide on the carbon footprint being made by that city and how they might
improve their environmental impact. Be sure to note your sources!

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