Social Work and Human Services

Children and adolescents often experience anxiety and phobias related to many issues. It is natural for them to avoid their fears or escape a feared stimulus or situation. At times a child’s or adolescent’s fear might feel too big, and his or her skills or strength for dealing with the fear might feel too small. It becomes the clinician’s duty to help not only the child or adolescent but also the parents’ and guardians’ responsibility to engage in interventions for coping with their child’s or adolescent’s fears and phobias. The interventions need to include the development of skills and strengths, both mental and behavioral, for facing, rather than fleeing, the feared stimulus or situation.
For this Assignment, select one of the case studies in this week’s resources and consider the phobia(s) related to this case study. Also, search the Internet or Walden Library for one peer-reviewed article that presents interventions that might support the treatment of phobias. Then, use the treatment plan template to develop a treatment plan to address the phobia in the case study.

The Assignment (2–3 pages):

• Create a treatment plan to address the phobia in the case study you selected.
• Explain and justify one intervention you might use in the treatment plan to treat the phobia.
• Explain one way you might involve the parents/guardians in the treatment plan to support the intervention you selected and how. Justify your response.

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