Social Media and Adult Learning

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Required Textbook Chapters:

Merriam & Bierema. (2014). Adult learning. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

Chapter Ten: “Adult Learning in the Digital Age”
Required Articles

LeNoue, M., Hall, T. & Eighmy, M. (2011). Adult education and the social media revolution. Adult Learning 22(2)

Thompson, H. (2013). Andragogy, computer-mediated learning: The demise of the lecture. Radical Pedagogy, 10(2). 83-96. Retrieved from:


Explain and discuss what is the “social media revolution” taking place in education and the implications of this for adult learning. Be sure to draw on the learning theories (e.g., behaviorism versus constructivism) and topics (e.g., teacher directed versus self-directed learning) explored in this course, perhaps by comparing and contrasting these with the value you see in the use of social media in adult education. Also, comment on whether and how social media influences your teaching (or learning if you do not teach).

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