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Social and Cultural Counseling

Counseling Women

In order to complete this activity, you must watch the video “Issues in Counseling Women.” This video is available for free at the NSU library’s website. Here’s the link (Links to an external site.)

“Counseling and Therapy in Video,” and write on the search box “Issues in Counseling Women.”

Answer the following:

1) At minute 6:34 stop the tape. List and explain the sexist behaviors exhibited by the counselor during the session.

2) At minute 14:11, stop the tape and list the distinctions between the second example and the first example.

3) At minute 18:12, stop the tape and list the differences between the two examples.

4) What are some issues that should be considered when counseling Black women (African American and Afro-Caribbean women)?

5) What do you think the male counselor learned while practicing feminist therapy using the alter ego feedback system?

You should use appropriate sources of information (e.g. assigned readings, peer reviewed articles, books, information provided through websites by professional organizations) to justify your views. You must also cite your sources in APA style (e.g., Comas Diaz, 1994, p. 45), follow grammatical rules when constructing sentences, and avoid ANY type of plagiarism.


Last Updated on March 26, 2020

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