Should the government intervene in the market for alcoholic beverages?

The essay question:

Should the government intervene in the market for alcoholic beverages?

(Use relevant economic theory as part of your discussion).

1- use a standard academic font, size 12 and use 1.5 spacing between lines.

2- things to be think about :

-what is this market? who are the consumers?

-what problems are created for the society and individuals as a result of the existence of this market? (it is good to provide evidence to back up your points here).

-what could the government do to influence this market?(consider at least 2 options).

-how would these options influence the market?(use theory here).

-what limitations may exist on the ability of each options to influence the market in the desired way (theory may be relevant here).

-is there evidence about the impact pf interventions in this market?

-overall do you think these interventions are a good idea or not?

3-need to use theory as part of the work.

4- regarding finding sources, websites that might be useful to use:

Essay on The Rise and Fall of Four Loko 

The above is not a complete list of possible sources of information. there are other sources also. your articles should be reasonably up to date. some exceptions are ok if something really useful is discussed in an earlier article.

5-Use a diagrams and explain them or use them as evidences.

6-Assignment word count: 1500 word count total excluding appropriate diagrams.

7-References list at the end of the essay.

“Is it Necessary for Pregnant Women to Completely Abstain from all Alcoholic Beverages?”. In your own words explain why it is difficult to determine a safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Explain consuming small amounts of alcohol necessarily cause damage to a developing fetus. Support your response with a minimum of 2 citations and references in APA 6th edition.

Economic efficiency of alcohol policy

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