Sexually Transmitted Diseases, how to write a research paper

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Which STDs can be cured and which can only be treated? For STDs that can only be treated, would you
always be contagious? What are the most effective methods to prevent their spread to yourself and
your partner? What should you do if you are diagnosed with an STD? Based on what you’ve learned in
the module, answer these questions. Paging Options
This week’s discussion will take a closer look at STDs or STIs. For this question, discuss more than what is initially presented in the discussion

questions for the week, and react to what our nation can do to see a continued decrease in STI rates. What populations are the most vulnerable to STI

infections? If you were a parent discussing these types of risks with your children, what would you say? If you are looking for some helpful resources

for this week’s discussion, here are a couple:
And for our blog discussion, we will take a closer look at alternative and complementary healing practices. Approximately 40% of the nation uses some form of alternative medicine for personal health purposes (National

Institutes of Health, 2014). For additional information on CAM practices, here is a really good site:

Still wondering how to write a research paper? Click here!

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