Sales Management Research Project

You will construct and analyze during the semester.  Each group is to pick a firm that has a substantial sales force in place.

Key Project Elements:

  1. Business Definition: Define corporate mission or goal
  2. Situation Analysis/Marketing Audit
    1. Current and recent size and growth of market. If multiple products, analyze by product/market and by geographical segment
    2. Analysis of customer needs, attitudes and trends in purchasing behavior

Our company is Coast Appliances


The following things are weinterviewed and the manager answered:

  1.     Analysis of customer needs, attitudes and trends in purchasing behavior

Depends on market – usually 10% of what house is worth on kitchen, so different between sask from vancouver


  1.     Current marketing mix




Sales Audit:

What does the hiring process look like for coast appliances? What due diligence do you undertake with potential employees?


What is the CRM system set in place for CA? Post purchase sales? Overall customer service?  contact with customers, call center wait times, follow-up communication, shipping speed?

What’s the environment like for your sales team?


What’s the percentage of consumer buyersvs developer buyers

Builder and retail division: 50/50

Market share between coast and trail appliances and other competitors

Trail has store in BC, east

Coast has about 4-5% of market share


Does your strategy change after being acquired?

No does not change but may be accelerated
Need to expand into Ontario, Private equity has a longer term vision for the company


Started in 1978 – went public in 1975 → income trust company

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What’s your plan for growth.

Going into ontario, preferably acquire a large company.


1)There are price driven customers

2) relationship guys, on time on budget and make their lives easier


3 sales teams involved:

  1. Inside sales – standard customer relations
  2. Outside sales – going and talking to smaller buildings
  3. Multifamily contract sales – longest relationships


What does sales forecasting look like for you? And how do you do that?

They do a yearly forecast, director of finance does that.


General managers put in their numbers, and forecast what is coming.

Forecast is more on a expense basis, No purchasing is done based on forecasting


How long is the lead time?


What platforms are you currently marketing on and how much do you market?

Coast started as a build supplier primarily. When they first started they were 90% builed 10 consumer. Didn’t have a really good brand name.

⅓ on radio, ⅓ on flyers, ⅓ on digital.


Marketing budget is around 3 million a year in advertising. Small marketing budget compared to the size of the company 3% of sales.


They have had double digit growth in the last 7 years.

Primarily in house for marketing, they have a marketing committee that meets with the marketing manager.


They use drive and 6s marketing


Do you have a marketing team or use an agency?


What is the sales process of selling to a developer?


Their sales process is focused on retaining builder relationships. Referral approach.


Free delivered: suppliers pay for shipping

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Industry turnover in appliance sales –



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