Safety Management

Safety Management

Project 3 – Term Paper


Executives and supervisors commonly ask Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Professionals to render professional opinions on varied topics.  These topics may have questionable scientific basis and conflicting political objectives.  The EHS professional must use sound reasoning and credible evidence to issue ethically formulated professional opinions.

For this project, youare the member of an EHS department, a consulting firm, or other knowledgeable body that have been asked to render a professional opinion about a controversial topic.  You will be assigned your topic in class.


Develop a 5-7 page (double spaced) written report per the FPSET Guideline for Written Work.  Thoroughly research your topic and fairly and adequately, review data both for and against a given position.  At least three peer reviewed publications must be cited.

Make a final recommendation that clearly chooses one side of the issue.  In the body of the report, include discussions on both cost and ethical considerations.

See the FPSET Guideline for Written Work for formatting and grading requirements.

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