The role of physical health in overall wellness

Directions: Using what you have learned in this Unit about health and wellness, critical thinking, and the Writing Process, write an essay discussing the importance of intellectual, physical, or emotional health. Use the Text Editor to write the essay.

Following the five steps of the Writing Process, create an essay with five paragraphs:
an introduction with a thesis statement,
three body paragraphs, and
a concluding paragraph.
Possible topics might include:
the role of physical health in overall wellness,
the importance of intellectual health as a student, or
how emotional health affects relationships, self-worth, and one’s outlook on life.
Your essay should use information from the Unit and at least two outside sources to support your arguments. These might include newspaper or magazine articles, information from scholarly or government Websites relating to health and wellness, or books from your local library. Make sure to list your sources—title, author, and Web address (if applicable)—and provide copies of articles if possible. Many of the government Websites and sources cited in this Unit provide hundreds of articles for free.

In your introduction, introduce the topic and briefly explain what the essay will cover. As part of the introduction, you should include a thesis statement, a sentence that identifies the topic of the essay and lays out your general argument. In the following paragraphs (minimum three), further develop your argument. For example, in one paragraph you might discuss how students use cognitive skills, while in another you might describe how critical thinking is used in essay writing.

End your essay with a conclusion that sums up the main points of your essay. Also, do not forget to use what you have learned about critical thinking in your actual thought and writing processes. For example, look at the information you are choosing to use and address and evaluate the relevance and accuracy of that information. You also can incorporate cognitive skills such as analysis, evaluation, and synthesis into your pre-writing and writing

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