Role of CSS in web programming

Role of CSS in web programming Instructions: Discuss the following below.

1. Discuss the Role of CSS in web programming. What purpose does CSS serve? What are the advantages of using CSS? How can CSS make maintenance of a website easier?

2. Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow it.

The Missing Link

Omar works on a Web development team that just posted a site. This site contains both internal and external hyperlinks. Only three days after the site was posted to the production server, Omar found that four external hyperlinks were already invalid. To solve this problem, he checked each link manually and edited the HTML code to validate each one.

After this experience, Omar wanted to manage the hyperlinks more closely and be notified of any problem links immediately. He obtained automatic link-checking software, which checks all site links periodically then sends an e-mail message reporting the status of every link. After installing this software, Omar was confident that his site’s links would always remain valid.

Linear Programming Models

As a class, consider this scenario and discuss the following points:

  • After Omar installs automatic link-checking software, will his site links always remain valid? Why or why not?
  • Why would it be important to occasionally check your hyperlinks manually? Are there any special concerns regarding external links that the automatic link checking software would not be able to address that would require the webmaster to look at the external webpage from time to time? What are those concerns?

Understand the Role of CSS

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