For your first assignment, we’ll start with the risk register. Read the attached scenario and complete THREE of the risk register items using the template provided.

List the risk, description of the risk, and the source of the risk. Then rate the Likelihood of Occurrence, Severity of Impact, and Controllability using ratings of “high,” “medium,” or “low” and include a justification for each. Finally, on a separate document, write a short paragraph discussing a possible response to each risk.

Remember, this scenario involves risk management “proper,” so only one risk can be related directly to ‘IT risk management.” When you are finished, you will have a total of three (3) risks


The template below can be utilized to create a risk register for the company of your choice.    Please use this template to help you organize the information required for prompts A1-A3. Please place all information for prompts A1-A3 right into the risk register.

As you identify the eight risks required for the register,  you will want to ensure that one of the eight risks identified is a global risk and includes a description of how this risk emanates from one of the company’s global marketplace activities (you can certainly have more than one global risk in your register).

RiskDescriptionSourceLikelihood of Occurrence*Severity of Impact*Controllability*







*Rate each risk as high, medium or low for these three columns and include a justification for each.

**The rows and columns in the register will expand to fit your typing.


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