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Response Paper

For this week’s response paper, choose one of the following:

You may base your response paper on any of this week’s discussion board prompts.
Practice the skill of summarizing that is discussed in Chapter 2. Choose either the essay “Gun Debate: Where Is the Middle Ground” (p. 46) or “The Gay Option” (p. 50). Write two separate paragraphs that demonstrate different ways of summarizing the essay. One paragraph should be a rhetorical summary; the other should be a referential summary. See pp. 44-45 for an explanation of rhetorical and referential summaries.
Locate an online editorial that interests you. (Be sure to provide me with a link.) Remember that an editorial does not just report on a situation; the author makes an argument about the situation. Respond to this essay using the “Strategies for Prereading” on p. 35. What can you observe about the title, the kind of text, the author, the context, and the target audience. If you want to go further in your response, you may also analyze the editorial’s structure and rhetorical strategies.
Discuss a “graphic”–a chart, diagram, or other visual that presents information. (See the examples on pp. 77 – 78.) Articles in our library’s “Facts on File” database (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. are an excellent source of such graphics. Once you’ve found a graphic that interests you, analyze it using the “Reading and Discussion Questions” on p. 79.

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