Resolving Conflict

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Unresolved conflict at Luxor Inc. is one of the issues leading to the morale concerns and the wide-range instances of unethical behavior. There appears to

be conflict at every level of the organization, from the entry level employees to the leadership team, people seem to not be able to get along. When

conflict goes unresolved it leads to further issues and problems. The President does not want the conflict to continue, they know if it is not resolved

people start to resort to alternative ways to solve them.

As a member of the Committee for Dynamic Success, your team is tasked with exploring the subject of conflict as it relates to workplace. Write a 3-4 page

paper addressing the following:

1.Define conflict and discuss the causes of it in the workplace.
2. How do unresolved/unaddressed conflict lead to unethical actions?
3. Research basic methods of conflict resolution in the workplace (i.e., open door policy, neutral third parties). Identify three of these methods and

describe how each of them works.
4. Provide a basic roadmap/plan that any employee could follow if they encounter a conflict with an employee from within their department.

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