Research paper

Research one of the below topics and write a 2-3 page
report (MINIMUM 2 pages). NO PICTURES AND NO

All papers will be submitted to SafeAssign to check for
plagiarism. A grade of zero will be assigned to any paper
that has been plagiarized more than 50%. Papers may show
up to 10%. After the 10%, one point will be deducted from
the final grade for every percentage point over 10. Copying
everything and siting it does not make it not plagiarized. I
want YOUR WORDS! You are able to submit to SafeAssign a
maximum of three times to check for plagiarism. The final
submission will be graded.

10 points will also be deducted for having no bibliography
Iisting sources. 10 points will be deducted for not following
the formatting directions. A full page is approximately 20
lines, double spaced. To determine the points taken off for
less than 2 full pages, the number of lines missing will be
divided by 40.

The paper is to be written using Times New Roman font, 12
point, double spaced. Margins will be set at 1″. The first line
should be the title of the paper and the next line indented a
maximum of 10 spaces starting the body.

Choose one of the following topics to write about: Cathodic
Protection, Electrical Safety, OSHA, Personal Protective
Equipment or Hearing Conservation. You may be as specific
or broad as you wish.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019