Research Designs (longitudinal and cross-sectional)

research designs (longitudinal and cross-sectional)

Project description

1. Identify the two types of research designs (longitudinal and cross-sectional) discussed in your text that are used to study development across the lifespan. Discuss the definition, the strengths and weaknesses of both research designs.

2. Explain the evidence that supports that babies are “prewired for survival.”

3. Discuss all 4 of Piaget’s stages of development. Include the key characteristics for each stage, including the ages in which each stage occurs.

4. Explain Vygotsky’s process of internalization. Describe its relevance to cognitive development.

5. Discuss 2 of Erikson’s psychosocial stages that are of most interest to you.

6. Explain the evidence that supports that the brain structures of men and women are different.

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