Research and Argument about a Controversial Issue

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  1. Topic Work
  2. Your issue of controversy Many people work very hard and do not make enough money to live on
  3. Debate or guiding question: Is it desirable and possible to ensure that every working person makes a living wage?
  4. Thesis/claim/argument The current situation in which many working people (change for percentage of US employed persons) do not make enough money to cover even their basic necessities is no longer desirable or sustainable, and as a society, we should enact legislation to ensure that every working person earns more than enough for basic necessities because a higher standard of living for all Americans will make us a prosperous country again.
  5. Include a paragraph that explores and explains why this question is important/significant to you This question is important to me because I think it’s crazy that people, including myself, are working so many hours per week, but cannot earn enough money to cover their living expenses. This does not seem like a sustainable situation to me. In the time I have been alive, I have seen the situation get worse for working people.  When I was growing up in Detroit, working people-factory workers and others, mostly made a pretty good living. Of course, that was not true of everyone, but auto workers were making a middle-class income. People are so stressed from working too much. Our environment is hurting too from all of the increased traffic as people drive to more than one job meaning commute hours never seem to end. People don’t have time to spend with their loved ones, and even less time for life-enriching activities that allow us to unwind and play away our stress. I just really don’t think people were meant to live this way, and it’s not good for our health or the health of the planet.
  6. Include a paragraph that explores and explains why others might find this question to be important/significant. I think this question will be important to others for the same reasons as it is important to me. Some people may not agree with me, but I think they still would find my question to be significant. People might find that this question gets them thinking about work in their own life and how it could be better.
  7. Include one sentence about how your issue relates to Silent Spring. This issue relates to Silent Spring because, in the book, people don’t think about the long-term consequences of their chemical use, and the same is true of the current work situation; we are not thinking about the long-term consequences of having such a stressed population.  (Yes-that is just one sentence.)

Example 2:

  1. Your Topic: Homelessness
  2. Your issue of controversy: Nothing is being done to get people off the streets even though we have seen the number of homeless people has doubled and tripled.
  3. Debate or guiding question: Possible questions: What kind of research needs to be done to get data we can use to help alleviate homelessness? What do we need to do as a society to make sure that unforeseen circumstances do not end up leaving people homeless? How is it that we as a society can allow people to go homeless or hungry?
  4. Thesis/claim/argument Currently many organized societies have any number of people that are either homeless or hungry or both, but this is unconscionable given that we supposedly believe in everyone’s right to pursue their own happiness. (not a good thesis – needs revision-but ok for a start)
  5. Include a paragraph that explores and explains why this question. This question is important to me because I can’t believe that people literally walk over people sleeping on the sidewalk because they have no where else to go, and don’t even seem to think twice about the fact that that’s a human being. It makes me sad and angry to see so many people in such a hopeless situation when we live in a country where some people have so much more than they could use in even twenty lifetimes.
  6. Include a paragraph that explores and explains why others might find this question to be important/significant.This should be important to others because you should care about your fellow humans are going through. Our current way of doing things not only hurts the homeless-it hurts the planet and society as a whole when we allow a few to hoard so much while others can’t even get food or shelter.
  7. Include one sentence about how your issue relates to Silent Spring.This is connected to the book in that the government should be doing something to alleviate this problem, but instead, they just shuffle people from one place to another without even looking for solutions.

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