Religious studies

Question 1: From our assigned reading in chapter 16 of Spirituality in Nursing:
a) After reading and thinking about this final chapter we are considering regarding spirituality in nursing, what additional insights are you taking away from this chapter for your work with your patients?
b) What are you taking away from this chapter for your own spiritual life, as a nurse or health care practitioner?
c) What questions about prayer are raised for you – that you would like some help with?
Question 2: Regarding your viewing of the video by Mother Angelica on Suffering and other truths regarding our spiritual life:
a) While we have discussed the spiritual meaning of human suffering a lot already, what did Mother Angelica help you understand about the value of human suffering, from a spiritual point of view, at a deeper level? Be specific in quoting from Mother Angelica’s teaching on the video and then open up what you have learned from her in your own words.
b) What did Mother Angelica help you learn about the Lord’s dealings with human persons, in general, that was either new for you entirely or provided you with a better understanding of a truth you already knew?
c) How might the insights you have gained from this video help you especially with patients who are in the dying process — including your work with their families?

Question 3: After reading the assigned download of Catholic Guidelines for making end-of-life decisions in an ethical way, which honors both the commandments of God about the sacredness of human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death — and the dignity of the person dying:
A) Define and discuss the difference between ordinary means and extraordinary means in prolonging life as specifically discussed in the end-of-life Guidelines handout. Can you give an example of each from your own experience?
B) What questions are you left with in regards to these ethical guidelines?
C) How might understanding that suffering brings with it the opportunity for deeper surrender to God and purification of the soul from all that is not of God help people approach end-of-life issues in a way that brings blessings — and counteract the deceptive and immoral cultural pressures in our day to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia?
Question 4: After viewing the 2-part video on the life and mission of St. Catherine Labouré, please answer the following questions:
A) What inspired you the most about the life of St. Catherine Labouré?
B) What did you see in her that you want to imitate and why?
C) What questions are you left with, either about St. Catherine and/or the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Her role in Her Divine Son’s Redeeming Work?

Video 1
Some great teaching on the deeper meaning of human suffering by Mother Angelica

2) The Life and Mission of St. Catherine Labouré

Each question must be answer separate. not too long


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