Recovering from bad news:   Damage Control

Test 3—E-mail

E-mail No. 1  Recovering from bad news:   Damage Control

You are the Vice President of Customer Relations with Carnival Cruise line.    Last month, another one of your cruise ships (in the Bahamas) had engine problems.   Then, as a result of that issue, the electrical system also shut down.   So, the passengers experienced being stranded in the ocean for 36 hours, eating cold food, only having generator lights to see, etc.

Passengers were irate when they left the ship because two days of their cruise were ruined.   You need to write them and offer them a discount of 50% on another cruise of equal value.    Make it easy for them to sign up.

You must rebuild the reputation and credibility of the cruise line and keep them as Carnival customers.   Remind them of the great experiences they can have in the future.   Ensure them of the new safety measures which will make their future cruises run smoothly.

This e-mail will go out to everyone who was on the cruise, so you will leave the To portion empty.






Fromyour e-mail


Subject: New Cruise Opportunity



Dear Carnival Customer:




Your name and title will be at the end of the e-mail.


Your name

Vice President

Contact info.



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