Why Students Cheat on Exams and Assignments

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3 Reasons Why Students Cheat on Exams and Assignments

Why Students Cheat on Exams and Assignments


Exams are formal tests that tutors use to assess students’ knowledge in their subjects of study. No doubt, they have direct impacts on degrees that students ultimately walk out of their learning institutions with. Every student wants to score high, and for this reason, they strive to excel.

However, not all students who work hard end up with the grades that they dream of. A number of them end up with mediocre grades, while another lot end up failing all together.

Why would a student fail even after exerting extra efforts to succeed? Well, somebody may think that such students are not serious. That is nonetheless not the reason. Different students end up with low grades for various reasons. These include poor study skills, fast approaching deadlines, lack of adequate knowledge on the subjects being tested, and many other reasons.

No student wants a poor grade. Does this mean that students should resolve to exam cheating methods? Certainly not.

I talked to a number of students the other day, and every one of them had a different reason as to why they would think of cheating, or simply seeking help from an online essay mill. Essay mills are businesses that sell original pieces of writing on various subjects.

Here are some reasons Why Students Cheat on Exams and Assignments

  • Strict deadlines
  • Poor study skills
  • Threats from parents

Strict Deadlines

Alexander, a third year computer science student at a renowned university, said that he resolved to cheating in his past exams due to lack of ample time to craft what was expected by the professor. He cited a fast approaching due date that would not let him attend to his part time job.

Indeed, just like Alexander, there are many other students who are not able to juggle between their assignments and part time jobs, or even extracurricular activities. This makes some of them think that the only solution is to cheat, and to dedicate ample time to other vital activities that they think matter more.

Besides that, some students seem to like the last minute rush. Such students prefer waiting for their buddies to complete their work, and copy from them thereafter. No doubt, copied and pasted assignments are always rejected by professors due to plagiarism.

Poor Study Skills

In addition to strict deadlines, some students prefer cheating because they have poor study skills. This is according to Mark, a second year university student. In as much as they want the best grades, they do not know how to plan for it. While their mates are making study timetables and spending countless hours in the library revising, they engage themselves in parties and similar activities.

It is obvious that students with poor study and time management skills will think of their assignments a few days to the due date. This means that everything in their assignments will be done wrongly. Researching, writing, editing, proofreading and all that is to be done will certainly not be done right. All these will ultimately result in low grades. As a student, that is not what you want.

Threats from Parents

Every parent expects a good grade from their children. Some parents however put too much pressure on them. They expect students to score grades that they may not be able to come home with.

Due to this, some students may think of getting assignment help from other students who have adequate knowledge on the subjects, or simply buy papers from online writing companies. Some of such companies charge as little as $10, and most students will definitely find this affordable.

How do you ensure that you are not part of exam malpractices due to strict deadlines, poor time management and study skills, threat from parents and many other issues?

Grasp Enough Knowledge on the Subject.

It is very unlikely that a student who has adequate knowledge on the topic being tested will think of cheating. Enough knowledge will definitely give you confidence to handle all questions that you will be required to answer.

Therefore, make a study timetable and ensure that you adhere to it. Spend time in the library revising, so as to grasp as much as you can. Consult your professor whenever you need to. Seek clarifications on topics you do not adequately understand.

No doubt, by doing so, you will be building your exam confidence, and will certainly not think of why students cheat in exams and assignments.


Exams and assignments, being the only way of assessing students’ knowledge on their subjects of study, need to be done without any malpractices. By doing so, tutors will get true reflections of what students acquired.

Do not be part of assignment and exam malpractices. Study hard, acquire enough knowledge, and you will for sure score high, and be proud of your degree.

However, if you find it hard to do all these, simply hire a writer here.

What do you think?

Do you have more reasons why Students Cheat on Exams and Assignments? Feel free to share them below.

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