Reaction Paper Emergency Management

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Write a 1500-word (minimum) reaction paper on the concepts. Consider for inclusion in your discussion:

– Describe the national security risk and threat assessment process.

– What national security threats have been attributed to climate change?

– What recommendations should be followed to protect the US from climate change?

– What is the water-food-energy nexus and why is it important?

– How will rising sea levels impact defense infrastructure?

– What is an EMP and why is it dangerous?

– What components of infrastructure can be damaged by an EMP and how can they be protected?

– What threat does Ebola and similar pandemic diseases pose?

– What pre-infection (mitigation) measures can be employed?

– What post-infection (response) measures can be employed?

– Given what you’ve learned about risk assessment, which of these modern threats should be given highest priority and why?

Be sure to provide this and all papers in proper APA format. APA format indicates that title and reference pages are neither part of page or word count requirements.

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