Psychology Reflective essay

Please prepare and submit an individual Critical Thinking Essay, using “rhetorical tools” for critical and scientific argumentation (use Bassham, ch 13, from required readings to help with the structuring of your paper and writing). Although you will be discussing ideas with your groupmates, it is very important that your essay is written independently. Plagiarism and collusion issues will be checked upon submission.

Your task is to choose one of the three topics listed below and discuss the validity of the claims with reference to scientific evidence and by using critical thinking tools that you will learn in lectures.





Low self-esteem causes psychological problems

In 1994 Nathaniel Brandon published the book The six pillars of self-esteem where he insisted that we “cannot think of a single psychological problem—from anxiety and depression, to fear of intimacy or of success, to spouse battery or child molestation—that not traceable to the problem of low self-esteem”

Does the research support such statement?


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