Students are to choose one article from a professional Journal or any national publications. However, it
publications. Choose an article for each life stage development:
 Prenatal to age 5
 Age 6-12 or 13-19
 Early adulthood ( 20-40) or Middle adulthood (41-60)
All papers must be typed written (10-12 size) font, Times New Roman, standardize margins, double
spaced. Each paper must include the following:
 Introduction: Summarize the article. What are the main points or main idea? The introductory
paragraph should be 4-5 sentences.
 Body: Paragraph one: How does the article relate to you? Can you make it connect to your
life? Did you select the article because it has personal resonance for you? Explain (this
paragraph and all other paragraphs should be 5-7 sentences.
 Body: Paragraph two: Do you agree with some or all of the article’s main points? Why or why
not? Be specific and give examples
 Body: Paragraph three: Is the author (writer) biased in any way? What could have caused it?
Does this unfairly limit the scope of the article or leave out important points of view?
 Conclusion: What did you learn from the article? Did it confirm something that you already
know, or did you learn something new? Did the article inspire you to learn more about this
topic? Or did it inspire you to act differently? Explain. Also, include a final commentary
statement on your own overall interpretation of the article.

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