1. Explain whether you successfully achieved the goal or
not (you will not lose points if you have not achieved the
goal). Apply the concepts you have learned about goal-
setting, planning and striving to your Goal Project and
analyze your success and failure. For example,
what type of goal it was (specific, proximate, easy, etc.)
and how its type could have contributed to its success
or failure.

2. Explain your planning process. Now that you have
learned about effective goal planning, do you think your
planning (or lack of) played a role in success or failure
of your goal project? Did you develop any
“implementation intentions?” (I know you did not know
about implementation intentions early in the semester,
but you may have actually incorporated aspects of
implementation intentions in your planning before you
learned about them). Was your plan flexible? Did you or
someone else held you accountable for it?

3. Describe whether self-regulation, standards or
monitoring played a role in your goal striving.

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