The summary should be exactly 2 pages, excluding title page.
APA style (double space, times roman 12-font, 1” margin, etc.)
Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. must be perfect. (Have someone, a few people, proofread your paper.)
The paper must contain the following sections: Title page, Introduction, Method, Discussion, References. (You do not need the Abstract).
Clear and demonstrated understanding of the chosen article.


These are guideline questions. Your paper should not simply answer these questions. It should flow.
Your introduction section should include the following:
1. What are the independent and dependent variables?
2. How are they defined according to the article?
3. How are they related to each other according to the article?
4. What is the hypothesis (or hypotheses) of the current study?
Your methods section should include the following:
1. Who were the participants? (Demographics such as average age, percentage of males and females, race, etc.)
2. How were both the independent and dependent variables measured? (Surveys, questionnaires, computer tasks, etc.)
3. What were the procedures? (How did they use what you described in question number 2 to gather data? Did they mail out the surveys? Did they randomly approach people in the streets? Did they bring people into the lab? If so, what did they do to them once they were in the lab.)

Do NOT include results (the data) in this section! In fact, all together avoid the Results section. It deals primarily with data analysis and statistics. You likely do not have the background (yet) to understand this section. So, skip down to the discussion section where they tell you, in words not numbers, what all that data analysis means.

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The final section of any psychological article is called the “discussion” section. It basically, without numbers (usually), tells you what they found in their study, whether or not the hypothesis was supported and what the larger implications. Summarize this for me. What did they find and what does that mean.


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