Project Management

Project Management

Recommended Length: Maximum of 3000 words (including tables, headings and executive summaries, but
not including appendices, table of contents, figures, references’ etc.)


. All assignments are to be submitted online by the due date. Please refer io the lmportant Assignment Submission
Details’Sheet induded with these study mataials for instructions on online assignment submission.
Online assignment submission provides an electronic declaration that you must complete
Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted.
Number all pages sequentially.
Any published material you refer to should be properly referenced and included in a reference list at the end of your
assignment .
. Appendices may be used for supportive information, however, the key components of your response must be included
within your answer and conform to the number of words specified in the question.


A project manager takes a project from ‘cradle-to grave’— this is the project life cycle that includes a
number of phases that starts with project kick-off and is concluded with project close out.
You are required to select a project that you have been involved in and prepare a report which
describes the relevant project activities and artifacts, guided by the project life-cycle diagram (below):

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