Professional Development Plan Reflection

The paper should follow the directions and expectations that are outlined in the three attachments to this order.

After facilitating the professional development session, write a report that includes the following:

1. Development, articulation, and implementation of a vision of student learning

• Include how your vision of student learning supported the vision of the school
• Describe how you communicated your vision
• List the attributes that were needed to implement and promote your vision and explain how they were used to facilitate planning and implementation

2. Planning, collaboration, and implementation

• List the stakeholders involved in the process and their roles
• Explain how you included stakeholders to collaborate in the process
• List the planning steps you took prior to implementation and include how you organized and developed your plan using technology applications
• Discuss issues of school climate or culture uncovered during planning and who you included in the discussions of your findings
• Describe how you used internal and external resources to implement your plan

3. Goals and topic(s) of the session

• Identify the goals and topics for the session and how they align with the district/school’s improvement goals. Goals and topic(s) must be related to curricular, instructional, and/or assessment issues
• Explain how you used student demographic data and other school/community contextual data in preparing the session

4. Presentation

• Provide the arguments and/or evidence that supported the need for the professional development session, including relevant student achievement data
• Provide detailed information about the activities used in the session and why you chose those activities. Include information on the sequence of delivery and timeframe for activities.
• Implement best practices and applicable resources during the session
• Apply social and educational opportunities for the school, community, and outside sources

5. Session assessment and plans for ongoing evaluation

• Provide a copy of the assessment that was completed by participants during/after the session.
• Report and analyze the assessment results.
• Provide information and a plan for gathering data, monitoring and evaluating your plan at the school level

6. Reflect on your experience of planning, collaborating and facilitating the professional development session. Consider the following questions in your reflection:

• What challenges did you face during the planning phase? How did you overcome them?
• What went well during the session?
• What would you change if you facilitated a session like this in the future (and why)?
• How effective do you feel the session was (and why)?
• How will your efforts benefit teachers, students, families, and community?
• What roadblocks and possible solutions to developing collaborations did you consider?
• How will professional development improve student learning opportunities?

Last Updated on February 10, 2019