Pro/Con Paper #1

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Pro/Con Paper #1



The study of cultural criticism requires an awareness not just of the specific creative output being examined (in this case, musicals), but also of the contexts in which it was created. As is the case with a great many things, context can serve to inform, shape, or clarify (or not) creative output and your understanding thereof.



You must take one of the thesis statements from the topics we have examined about which you have not yet writtenand write a paper either in agreement with it (pro) or against it (con). Keep in mind that you must write the opposite from that which you wrote in the first half of the semester. In writing the paper, you must draw on evidence from the shows we have listened to and others as well as other creative output (movies, music, literature, etc.) and general worldly events and happenings to validate your argument. Think of this as a very in-depth version of what you have been doing for the last few weeks.



The paper must be between three and five pages in length, single-spaced. If you choose to organize your paper into clearly delineated sections, you may use section headers. All outside sources MUST be properly cited, and failure to do so will result in a deduction of points. Work must be submitted to Blackboard as either a .doc or .docx file.

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