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President Trump’s foreign policy

Political science

Can we say that President Trump’s foreign policy is “rational”? Discuss and explain by using three examples/ events drawn from his first year in power.

The essay presents a discussion about a notion, idea, case or quote. The essay must answer the proposed question explicitly in the introduction; and then follow a clear structure and argument. The essay’s outline must present your answer to the question. by (i) stating the answer in the introduction (do not state your argument in the conclusion!) and (ii) developing this argument in the titles of the essay’s sections an essay typically falls into two or three sectionsThe sections’ titles should be apparent and emphasized in your essay I.Section Title;II. Section Title; maybe III Section Title.They should NOT be i descriptive The State and Foreign Policy, for example or ii be structured according authors or schools I.The realist school; II.The liberal school; III.The constructivist school, for example but present a bit of your argument and answer to the question.The argument must draw mainly on the content of lectures and class discussions and compulsory outside source not appreciate

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