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Assignment instructions

For this assignment you will be participating in anecdotal record.  You will pick a time to observe one child for a minimum of ten minutes.  You will tell everything the child does, says, all actions and gestures.  You will with words paint a picture for the reader of exactly what took place in a ten minute time frame.  You will then reflect on what took place during your observation and what you were feeling at the time.  You will give three examples of when you would want to use this type of assessment in your classroom.


Below is observation for ten minutes on a boy named Adrian

Adrian is 3 years old about to be 4 in May, he was playing in the block center for about 10 minutes. He and the other children were stacking blocks on top of each other. As he was stacking the blocks on top of each other he was Counting “ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6”. Then he and another child counted togethere“ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5” and knocked over the blocks. They both lauged as the blocks fell down. Then Adrian said, “let’s be airplane. He lifted his hands outward and began running around the block center going “ vroom, vroom. Buzz”. As he was running, his arm hit another child. “ sorry” he said.

ECH 328 Practicum

Anecdotal Records

An anecdotal record is a detailed account of a specific episode that is of particular interest or concern.  The purpose of anecdotal records is to give an accurate account of everything that happened within a given period of time. You will pick a child to observe in the classroom during an activity or center time and record everything that happens in 10 minutes.


Exact time observation began9:15amExact time observation ended9:25am


Record everything you observed during the 10 minutes.


Reflect on what you were feeling as you observed.


Give three examples of how this method of observation would be meaningful and necessary as a teacher. 















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