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Genre Paragraph with Model Analysis

One important convention of the product advertising genre whether print, visual, or audio advertising includes the use of lifestyle fantasy, and so in my radio script for teeth whitening strips I attached the product to the lifestyle fantasy of a confident and successful business person to persuade my audience that their tooth color affects performance and public perception.

According to a media studies Professor at Emporia University, lifestyle fantasy is one of the most common conventions of the genre of product advertising as the rhetor “creates a fantasy for the viewer built around use of the product” as companies are not merely peddling a product, but telling the consumer: if you buy our product, you will become this type of person (Miller).

One noteworthy model of this convention would be a print advertisement for Camel cigarettes, which used the character of Joe the Camel to create a lifestyle fantasy defined by luxury, leisure, and light-hearted enjoyment of the finer things in life. One such ad features Joe reclining in a luxurious hot tub, donning expensive sunglasses, using a golden ashtray, and sitting in front of a skyline that looks suspiciously similar to the Hollywood skyline with actual spotlights forming the brand name in the image (

RIP Essay Sample

In my radio script, I modeled this technique by showing my audience a man named Don, who is a successful, powerful, and confident Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Dan tells my audience that “When I am pitching to a prospective client, sometimes I have less than five minutes with a CEO who is already thinking about their next meeting when they sit down with me.

Before they hear my budget, and before they understand my five-year plan, they see my smile.” In this sentence, I am building a lifestyle fantasy by linking Don to powerful members of society; my audience would want to be there in that pressure filled lunch meeting, rather than working at a less prestigious position like an employee at the local Albertsons. I have linked the product to a lifestyle of power and success, and reinforced that this lifestyle is supported by our product by linking substantial performance metrics like budget predictions with something less substantial: tooth color.

In fact, by saying “they see my smile” before other important parts of Don’s performance, I am showing the audience that to achieve his confidence and level of success, attention to appearance must be considered and respected. I included the detail of Don failing at his first meeting, but then he explains “The first company missed out on me, but the third meeting of the day was a winner,” to show my audience his resilience of character.

All of these qualities that Don projects in the script, power, confidence, and resilience, have virtually nothing to do with the actual teeth whitening strips, but instead develop a particular lifestyle fantasy of success that I want the audience to connect to our product. This convention of the lifestyle fantasy of the product advertising genre is a powerful tool that I can use to make the audience believe that their teeth are profoundly impactful on life outcomes whether or not that is true.

While product advertising uses lifestyle fantasy to show the audience who they might be if they buy a certain product, another key convention of this genre is the demonstration technique, and so I created a teeth whitening scale to demonstrate the objective effectiveness of the product even through the written script.

RIP Essay Sample

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