Population at risk – illegal Immigrants

Population at risk: Illegal Immigrants

Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Chapter 6 Assignment #1: Advocacy and Social Action

(Reference all papers using APA format!) q Please define the terms advocacy, social action, empowerment and populations-at-risk. (Refer to Kirst-Ashman & Hull and cite this source using the proper APA style 5 citation.) (1-2 Pages) Then using your internship placement q Identify the population-at-n’sk and explain the factors that may have contributed to this, ”Population-at-risk status. (1-2 Pages) q Identify the macro level role of social workers with this population-at-risk.

(1 Page) q Provide an example of how social work can advocate for change at the macro level on behalf of this group. (1 Page) q Provide an example of how social workers can engage in social action on behalf of this group.

(1 Page) q Identify an example of how social workers may inhibit client empowerment with this client group and provide an example of how to increase the power balance. (1 Page) Length:

Approximately 6-8 pages and does not include Cover and Reference Pages
PM Reference all papers using APA format

Population at risk: Illegal Immigrants

The reason they are at risk

Immigrants that come to America: there is a reason for it. A person doesn’t just pick himself up for no reason to come to a land where he is unwanted guest. A man that has a job, family, and is in familiar surroundings doesn’t just pick himself up and look for a new country. There must be a reason for that.

What could be the reason for someone to come as an unwanted guest especially now when President Donald trump rips them apart and shames them in public and enforces ICA to be on top of them, etc?

He doesn’t know the language and culture. So why does he do this??

There are 2 types of immigrants. The first type of immigrant is someone that didn’t have the best life there but he comes with a lot of hope, energy, and courage. He is adamant in making a better life for himself and will do anything to get to this goal. He will learn the language and try to blend in and be a part of the land of gold.

The second type of immigrant is someone who is not a strong person he doesn’t have the strength and willpower to learn a new language he is broken and hopeless. He came here because he couldn’t survive anymore in his home land. Hunger and death surrounded him day and night he didn’t have any chance there he wasn’t able to turn right or left. So out of desperation he took all the courage he possessed and escaped to a land of peace – the US.

The first group that we spoke about doesn’t seem to be so “at risk” because he is a man of hope and courage. He needs a lot of help and if he gets the right help he can succeed beyond anyone’s expectations. At the end with the right help they can be a great asset to our country

The second group needs lots and lots help but the fact that he was so broken and hurt puts him at a greater risk. We need a lot of help and support for these immigrants we have to help them learn the language culture and get a job. Most of all the mental support to help him in his transition.

We also have to realize the big advantage of the second group. The hunger and death that surrounded this second group also surrounded their neighbors. The same bullet that he was scared will harm him can harm his neighbor.

These murderers and gangsters don’t care who they kill him or the neighbors. Why did they decide to go through the toughness and risks of coming here and their neighbors didn’t? the reason is that the neighbors already gave up all hope in life. This second group still possess that inner strong courage deep in their essence where they can accomplish the seeming impossible.

Our work as social workers on the macro level is first to change the attitude us citizens have to immigrants as coming here to take from them. These immigrants have within themselves extreme courage that can bring our economy up and take the country to the next level. We also have to remember that we are all a nation of immigrants.

With the help of our fellow brothers we all got to where we are today adding to the economy and making our country a success. What would our country be like without all of us stemming from immigrants?? It would be a place of rock and stone.

To pass legislators in favor of immigrants to help them out and get the funding they need to learn English and be able to stand on their own 2 feet.

Population at risk – illegal Immigrants


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