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Classical Texts Discussions Questions


We will discuss thirteen classical texts of political philo5ophy as found in our Political
Philosophy textbook. These texts will be the subject of the possible essay questions on the
two course exams. Before each class, please write responses to the provided questions on a
separate piecels) of paper (responses must be typed). I will collect these responses at the end

of class on each of our classical text lecture clays. Completion of these questions will comprise
your 20 percent participation grade for the course. Late responses will not be accepted. If you
will be absent on the due-day, you may email me the responses; however, you must do so
before dass.
Responses for each question must be at least two sentences long; you are welcome (but not
required) to write more. The more you write, the better prepared you will be for the exam
essay questions.

Classical Text it 8 Multiculturalism
Susan Moller Okin’s “ls Multimlturalism Bad for Women” (1999)

1. What does Okin mean by “feminism” and what does she mean by “multiculturalism”?

2. What is Okin’s “simiple” feminist critique of minority cultural group rights? In Okin’s
opinion, why do advocates of group rights ignore or fail to even acknowledge this

3. Why are many minority cultures antifeminist, according to Okin?

4. Okin describes four legal cases in which a “cultural defense” was successfully used to
justify or at least lessen the legal punishment for violating Western laws against
practices aimed at controlling women. What were the cases?


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