Political science

Approx. 3 pages – analysis and comparison

Comparison and analysis of Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms  (can be found online, justice Canada) vs. Universal Declaration of Human rights (united nations, also found online). You can use other peer-reviewed sources as well to support your opinion based on the two documents.

  • No need to include title page, go directly on the content
  • Make sure to include table of content, this will organize things, and tells me what is coming up – it does not have to be fancy
  • You can organize on your own ways
    • Make sure to have similarities and differences in short sentences
  • Also, analyze the similarities and differences and put your own view and relevance if any


This is such a straightforward assignment and I can have a look to give a feedback if you can get it to me as soon as you can.

Follow apa format for the bibliography and other





Last Updated on January 29, 2018