Playground Assignment

Playground Assignment – Playground Design

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You are going to research playground set up and safety features.  Based upon your research, you will design a playground.  You can get as creative as you want to… This does not have to be a pencil and paper project… You can use craft materials, Play Dough, or any other materials you choose.  You will complete a 1-page write up justifying your design, such as the inclusion of safety features, the set-up of the sections, etc.


Playground Assignment – Playground Design Grading

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Name:  _______________________________________________________________


  Comments: Score:
Creativity   /25
1 page write up (includes justification for areas, safety features, set up, etc.) /20
Appropriate design (age group) /10
Professionalism of playground (neatness, appearance, etc.) (Worth 10 points) /35
Professionalism of write-up (no typos, spelling errors, appropriate citations, etc.) (Worth 10 points)


  Total /100

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