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Physical Appearance, Nonverbal Communication

Discussion Posts:

Week 3 Discussion Board Prompt:

Find & post (or post a link to) an example from the media of nonverbal communication related to this week’s chapter. You can choose a photo, advertisement, short video, brief piece of writing, song, etc.; however, your post must be something that no one else in class has posted to the discussion forum yet. No two posts can be identical.
Analyze the object using concepts from this week’s readings in 300 – 400 words.
Make a clear connection to the readings, videos, or recordings for the week (be specific).
Reply to a classmate’s with a thoughtful response that addresses your classmate’s post (attached with the name of Classmate Discussion Post, one paragraph only ) and makes meaningful connection between the content and personal experience/current events.

Your posts are graded using a 20 point scale [20 (A), 15 (C), or 10 (F)]. If your post is well-developed and demonstrates understanding, you will earn 20 points. You will receive 15 points if your post shows some critical thinking but is not fully developed. If your post lacks insight or shows little understanding you will earn 10 points. If you do not post, or your post is identical to a classmate’s, you will receive 0 points. If you do not post a response to a classmate, you will lose 5 points.

Week 3 Discussion B

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