Which is the right way to think about justification: internalism, or externalism? Pick a side, and provide an argument showing why your preferred view

is better than the other.

Things to keep in mind

You need to say both what internalism and externalism say about justification
Basically the professor said we can use first person, we have to explain the two sides, pick one side that we think is better and provide example as

to why. also we have to find arguments that skeptics might have and refute that. so we have to detail the skeptics point of view and attack it. and

explain why internalisim is better than externalisim or vis versa. For example if you say internalisim is better then we need to define all the terms

provide good examples to why internalisim is better then bring up points the readers might attack us with and we have to defend our stand against

that. there should be a thesis intro and conclusion. and three body paragraphs.




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