These exercises pertain to material in Chapters 3 and 6–8.

For each of the following arguments, specify the conclusion and premises and indicate whether it is deductive or inductive.

If it’s deductive, use Venn diagrams or truth tables to determine its validity.

If it’s inductive, indicate whether it’s an enumerative, analogical, or causal induction and whether it’s strong or weak.

If necessary, add implicit premises and conclusions.

1. It’s clear that if the allies accidentally damage any holy sites when they attack enemy forces, the local people will never give the allies any respect or cooperation. The allies, though, will not damage any holy sites. There- fore, the locals will respect the allies and cooperate with them.

2. All politicians are corrupt manipulators, so some corrupt manipulators are effective leaders, since some effective leaders are politicians.

3. Eighty-three percent of the letters to the editor received by this newspaper are adamantly pro-life. And since the Daily Planet is the only major newspaper in the city, and it provides the primary forum for discussion of local issues, we must conclude that this town is also overwhelmingly pro-life.

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