Pharmacotherapeutic Research Evidence

Portfolio part 3

Meta-analysis (Portfolio Part 3) – Pharmacotherapeutic Research Evidence

  1. Search the literature for a meta-analysis of a pharmacotherapeutic agent. This could be a drug, CAM, or an herb/food used to prevent or treat diseases such as garlic or tea. Read the meta-analysis and write a 1 page summary of the study including a description of 1) the aim of the study, 2) the pharmacotherapeutic agent, 3) the sample, and 4) the findings. Save the article to include in the portfolio.

What is meta analysis

One page summary which includes a description of the following: 1. the aim/purpose of the study
2. the pharmacotherapeutic agent
3. the sample and sampling strategy
4. the findings
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Formatted in APA (6th ed.) style, with a cover page, introduction, conclusion, and reference list.


If it’s the same agent as Portfolio 2, we have to change the study. It could be a different pharmacotherapeutic agent.

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