Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Business and Management

1. Many scholars write about a post-bureaucratic world. whereas others, such

as George Ritzer, argue it is becoming more bureaucratic. Discuss both sides

of this argument. Who do you think is right? Could they both be right?

2. Explore some of the ways in which people demonstrate resistance at work.

Which strategies do you think are the most effective. and why?

3. Why might a critical organisational scholar be concerned about the notion

of managing ethics in organisations?

4. Evaluate the role of management knowledge in making organisations more

effective. What are the dangers inherent within the development and

widespread dissemination and application of management ideas.

5. Discuss the influence of technology on the experience of work. In your

answer explore the different approaches to understanding technology in


6. Evaluate the consequences of emotional labour for an individual’s


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