Opinions of Current Issues Related to Delivering Healthcare

Interview TWO of the following different types of health professionals (Some of these professionals can be found in Home Care, Hospice, Regional Extension Centers etc)

Physicians (primary care or specialty)
Mental Health Professional (Psychologist, Psychiatrist etc)
Nurse (acute care or long-term care)
Nurse Practitioner
Physician Assistant
Administrators (Senior Level Executive such as: Director, VP, President, COO, or CFO in either acute care or Long Term Care)
Health Information Management Executive (Manager or Senior Level)
Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist
Social Worker
Case Manager
Admissions Director (acute care or long-term care)
Dietician (Independent Practitioner)


Read the Term Paper Guidelines for information on how your paper should be set up and how it will be graded (point system).

As part of your interview, please ensure to obtain the following information from each Interviewee (use this as a guide, you may ask other questions in addition to the items outlined here):
• Years of experience your interviewee has in healthcare
o Ask for some detail in regards to their work experience
• Type and size of specialty and/or facility
• Description of services offered
• Population served along with age/gender/race/ financial class demographic
• What do they feel is the major obstacle in delivering quality healthcare?
o What specific issues do they have in regard to the population they serve?
• How do they feel about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and how will it impact their scope of service?
• How do they feel about the HITECH Act and are they implementing Meaningful Use Criteria in order to obtain the stimulus funding?
o What obstacles are they encountering?
o How is e-health assisting them in delivering patient information for continuum of care?
• How do they feel about Accountable Care Organizations
o Are they part of an ACO or have plans to join one?

The Primary Objective:
Understand different perspectives in regards to delivering high quality care.
Gauge the differences or similarities the professionals may have in regards to their patient populations and services.
Understand the strengths and weaknesses of physician, acute care, and long term care providers.

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