On The Film Title Translation From English Into Chinese From The Cultural Differences Aspect

1. Research motivation – Hollywood films as commercial products which generates big box offices in China market; film titles always the first item to attract audience; film productions tend to promote different cultures in different societies;

2. Different methodologies used in translating English film titles to Chinese citing examples in each method used;

3. Compare different approaches used in translation of film titles in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, sometimes the 3 places have different Chinese titles used for the same film, e.g. Mummy, Gladiator, etc.

4. Citing the importance of Chinese films to foreign markets with the rise of prominent filmmakers namely Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Ang Li and Wang Kar Wai, discuss how Chinese film titles were translated to English titles in US market;

5. Sometimes the translations of Chinese film titles to English were not good enough to attract foreign audience because of the differences in cultures, so discuss how future translations can be done better to make US market audience more easily understand the film by looking at the titles themselves.

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