OB Country Analysis

As noted in the syllabus, you may work in groups of up to four for this assignment. If you choose
to work in a group, you all get the same grade. Also, if you choose to work in a group, you
assume all risks.

This assignment is due by the start of your class period (i.e., 2:00 PM) on Wednesday, May 2nd.

Assignment Overview and Information

 First and foremost, the goal of this assignment is for you to better understand how the topics
and principles covered in this course translate (or don’t translate) to other cultures around the
world. Most of what we cover, as well as the research on which much of our understanding
of Organizational Behavior is based, is very “Western-centric” (and more specifically “UScentric”). This has become a bit less true in recent years, but still remains the dominant trend.
This purpose of this assignment is to help you see beyond this paradigm.
 The overall expected length of this assignment is roughly 8-9 pages, not including the
summary page (summary page details appear later).
 Consistent with the goals of this assignment, there are also several restrictions on the country
each individual or group may choose:
 The “home country” rule – individuals may not choose their home country. If you are
working in a group, the country cannot be the home country of anyone in the group.
 The “border rule” – individuals may not choose a country which borders their home
country. If you are working in a group, the rule applies to the home country of anyone in
the group.
 The “one hour flight rule” – individuals may not choose a country that is within a onehour flight of their home country. If you are working in a group, the rule applies to the
home country of anyone in the group.
 The “penal colony rule” – individuals may not choose a country that at some point in
history was ever used as a primary location for a penal colony for their home country. If
you are working in a group, the rule applies to the home country of anyone in the group.
 The “obvious rule” – don’t choose the United States.Assignment Details
 I would first like you to include a summary page for your country as the first page of what
you turn in for this assignment. The formatting and instructions for this summary page are on
page four of this document.
 Following the summary page, the primary written component for this assignment should
contain three sections:
 In the first section, I would like you to identify and discuss core cultural values associated
with your country, and how these core values contribute toward shaping business and
management practices and preferences. Be sure to provide specific examples of
business/management practices affected, and explain how you believe these are shaped
by core values. The specific business/management practices you identify could reflect
topics covered in class (e.g., do organizations commonly take on specific structures on
account of some cultural characteristic? are specific motivation strategies more
commonly employed? what leadership styles are more prevalent?), but please don’t feel
restricted to only these topics.
 In the second section, drawing on what you have learned/discovered about the culture and
business/communication protocols in your country, I would like you to provide advice to
an individual who just found out that they will be having their current job in the United
States transferred to a medium sized corporation headquartered in your country. Outline
the key aspects of what you believe they should know. What should they expect? Are
there any key workplace protocols they should be aware of? Are there any behaviors they
should avoid? Why would you offer this specific advice?
 For the third section, I would like you to find a recent news report or article from either
an international outlet or an outlet in your country that highlights one or more aspect(s) of
management practice in your country, and discuss why it does so. Please also turn in the
news story along with the country analysis (the news story does not count toward page
length). Do not include a link…include a printout. You cannot assume the link will still
be active when I try to access it!
As you move through these three sections, please keep in mind the overarching goal of this
assignment. That is, I am particularly interested in your ability to make connections (or identify
points of divergence) between topics related to what we cover in class and the management
practices of your chosen country.
 Finally, for the last item of this assignment, I simply ask that you enter the following
statement at the end of what you turn in for this assignment:
“I have completed the online course evaluation for this class.”
As a bit of background, starting last semester all campuses in the University of Colorado
System moved to online course evaluations as opposed to the paper versions many of you
have probably seen before. One result of this change has been a significant decrease inresponse rate. Some faculty may not care about this because they do not value or read the
evaluations and comments students offer anyway (remind me to tell you the story about the
first professor I worked for as a TA in graduate school). I am not in this camp. I am very
interested in your feedback, both about the things you liked, and did not like, in this class. I
read every comment I receive from students, and have made significant changes to my
courses in the past because of student comments and suggestions.
Therefore, to obtain 10 of the overall possible 125 points for this assignment, I am simply
asking that you respond by telling me that you have completed the course evaluation for this
Below are the instructions for accessing the course evaluation. I copied these from the CU
website. The administration period will likely be either the week of 4/23 – 4/27, or 4/30 – 5/4
(as reminder, though, this assignment is due on May 2nd – so in reality, if the administration
period is the week of 4/30 – 5/4, you will need to access it before 5/2). I will remind you of
this once I learn more specifics later in the term.
How to access
Students can visit colorado.campuslabs.com/courseeval during the administration period and
authenticate through using their campus user IDs at any time, day or night.
An invitation email will be sent the first day of the administration period (see FCQ calendar)
and a maximum of three reminder emails will follow if the FCQ is not completed. The
invitation and reminder emails will be sent from our online vendor, Campus Labs
at notification@ce.mail.campuslabs.com.
As a reminder, your responses on the course evaluation are completely anonymous, and I
will not have any access to view anything until after the course is over and all grades have
been submitted.Formatting for the summary page:
The summary page should be page 1 of what you turn in. Please do not put your name(s) on this
page. It should be ONE PAGE ONLY, single spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font, with one
inch margins all around.
Please organize the page following the exact format below, and using the headers verbatim.
Background Information:
List capital city and other major urban centers
Ethnic groups represented and percentages
Languages spoken and percentages
Major religions and percentages
Government Structure and Classification:
Brief description of the government structure of the country, and details on how the country is
classified with respect to market status, economic system, developmental classification, etc.
Core Cultural Values:
These can be based on Hofstede’s core values, Trompenaar’s core values, GLOBE
classifications, or others. A list is fine, unless you feel that a particular value may need a bit of
explanation as to what it means.
Primary Business Protocols:
Could be information relative large issues or small issues. For example, greetings, business
cards, gifts, expected business attire, making appointments, punctuality, etc. Provide what you
believe to be the most relevant and/or important information
Other Communication Protocols with Relevance to the Workplace:
Could be expectations regarding personal space, appropriateness of physical contact, nonverbal communication considerations, etc.
Other Noteworthy Items with Relevance to the Workplace:
Could be any other noteworthy piece of information that you feel is particularly important. For
example, is corruption a major concern in management practice, are there particular concerns
regarding women in business, are there common biases against specific social groups, etc.

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