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  1. Please click on the link above or copy and paste.
  2. “Join” this site… it is free using your SCF email address.
  3. Then, complete/review Units 1-3of Introduction to Health IT: Health Management Information Systems  As you will see from this website, there is a lot of very valuable information! You may feel so inclined to peruse other courses and Units as well. I would suggest bookmarking this site for your future use if it is of interest to you!
    1. Unit 1 = What is Health Informatics
    2. Unit 2 = Health Systems Overview
    3. Unit 3 = Electronic Health Records


ASSIGNMENTAfter reviewing Units 1-3, submit a scholarly discussion using the content/concepts from the 3 modules after doing a TurnitIn self-check [keep editing and paraphrasing to get a Similarity Score <25%].

Please use the following prompts:

  • What specificlessons/concepts learned and include examples.
  • Why is this content important? How might you use this information in your work settings?
  • What level of knowledge do you have regarding healthcare informatics?
  • How do you currently “use” informatics in your work environment?

How to cite the Health Forum?

Health Forum- suggest citing/referencing as a chapter in a book found on pages 202-205 of your wonderful blue APA manual 😀Please include a reference/citation for each Unit.

Giannangelo, K., Johnson, C., Crockett, S., Flass, D. & Reynolds, B. (2012). Unit 1: What is

health informatics? In Introduction to health IT systems. Duke University. Retrieved



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