Idea Paper Guidelines and Rubric
The purpose of this assignment is to integrate the principles of EBP, Nursing Research, and Quality Improvement to identify and begin designing a plan

on an actual or potential issue of interest in practice that can be addressed using an EBP, Nursing Research, or Quality Improvement approach.

General Directions:
1. Describe a situation in your practice that you feel needs either a research-basedapproach for generating new knowledge or implementing change,

or quality-based approach for improvement.

2. Select the best approach for your topic:
a. If you select a situation that will use a research approach:
i. Create a focused research question and identify a hypothesis (if applicable)
ii. Describe the research design and methods you would utilize to address the situation
b. If you select a situation that will use an evidence-based practice approach:
i. Create a PICO question specific to the situation identified
ii. Describe the sources of evidence you would utilize (i.e., search of the literature, clinical expertise, patient values and preferences, and

clinical data) to address the situation
c. If you select a situation that will use a quality improvement approach:
i. Create an effective aim statement
ii. Applying the PDSA cycle, describe the “Planning” phase that will be utilized towards addressing the situation

3. Include a discussion section in your scholarly paper titled, “future plans,” that encompasses how you would plan to continue exploring this

topic in the future.

4. Create a working title that reflects the content rather than the assignment.

5. Develop a reference list as you review or refer to the literature and include citations, using APA format.

6. Minimum number of scholarly peer reviewed sources, excluding text: 3

7. Non-peer reviewed sources: Wikipedia may be used as a source, but is highly discouraged and will not be considered as a peer-reviewed source.
Relevant title, title page, and Introduction 5 points Comments:

Idea relevant to nursing:
• Describes a compelling issue that affects clinical nursing practice
• Description of idea links to safe, effective, and/or high-quality care
• Appropriate supportive citations and/or examples
20 points Comments:

EBP, NR, or QI approach:
• Approach selected is clearly defined and appropriately addresses the issue
• Focused question or aim statement is appropriate for the issue
• Evidence of EBP, NR, or QI principles being applied
33 points Comments:
Self-Reflection discussion:
• Demonstrates a viable plan for future exploration of the topic
• Evidence of knowledge acquisition and generation related to the topic
• Appropriate supportive citations and/or examples
12 points
Demonstrates appropriate writing skills (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph development and spelling).
10 points Comments:

Use of scholarly peer reviewed sources or primary research reports
5 points Comments:

APA format 10 points Comments:

Adheres to specific assignment directions/guidelines
5 points Comments:

Late papers (minus 2 points/day) Comments:

Total grade /100 Comments:


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