Nineteenth-century Contexts

Post-Colonial readings: A consideration of a particular ethnic group, culture/nationality, or “other” in three texts. Blake, M. Shelley, Stoker’s Dracula, Kipling

Final Project: Nineteenth-century Contexts

Purpose of Final Project: The purpose of this final project is to allow you an opportunity to make meaningful connections between the social/cultural/historical contexts of nineteenth-century literature and your own career field, field(s) of study, and/or interests. In this project, you will choose three authors and use historical research to provide a context for their work. Two of these authors must be from our syllabus and one may be a nineteenth-century British author who is considered part of the literary “canon.”

This presentation should be in the form that is most useful to your career field. The choice of form is up to you.



  • English/Humanities major: The project should be in the form of a research paper or PowerPoint with text.


You will be submitting the final project in three steps throughout the term. You will demonstrate the following course outcomes in this project:

  • Provide historical research in order to interpret and analyze literary texts
  • Analyze the work of three authors through close reading, critical thinking, and the application of historical perspectives

In addition, you will demonstrate the following program outcomes:

  • Interpret literature and apply language in a thoughtful and articulate way to reflect on the human condition in today’s world
  • Create professional written and oral communications

The project will contain two sections:

  1. Historical research = eight sources minimum
  2. Analyses of at least three texts by three authors.

Due Dates and Grade Percentages

  • Part 1: Thesis/Proposal is due by the end of Week 4 and is worth 10 points/percent of your final grade.
  • Part 2: The Annotated Bibliography is due by the end of Week 6 and is worth 10 points/percent of your final grade.
  • Part 3: The Final Project is due during Week 8 and is worth 30 points/percent of your final grade.

Skills: In creating this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the material covered in this class and your ability to present the content in a learning environment. In so doing, you will also develop and practice research and presentation skills that can help you within any professional environment.


Part 1. The Overview: Selecting your authors and their historical context


Historical Context:

Here are some suggested topics for your project. Feel free to propose a topic of your own; these are just suggestions, but you are welcome to use any of them




  • Post-Colonial readings: A consideration of a particular ethnic group, culture/nationality, or “other” in three texts.  Blake, M. Shelley, Stoker’s Dracula, Kipling


Create a working thesis for your project. Keep in mind that a working thesis is an initial starting point; it may evolve as you continue your work. Briefly consider how the presentation will target the identified audience.

Develop a plan of action to complete the project. The plan of action can also consider challenges and how you plan to address them. You will include this plan of action in your Thesis/Proposal.

Deliverable for Part 1: A well-focused paragraph that synthesizes all of the above mentioned areas for the project: a working thesis statement; the literary text, the theory, the targeted audience, and the plan of action. Please format the submission in MLA style. The submission should be carefully edited and proofed for standard use of English.

Due Date for Part 1: This submission is due during Week 4, with the final day of submission being the (Please have part 1 to my by Saturday Evening). Please see the Course Schedule for the exact due date for this submission.


Part 2. Research: The Annotated Bibliography.

In Step Two, you will present the result of your research: eight sources that will be used in the project to demonstrate the thesis. Along with a properly formatted MLA 8th edition Works Cited citation for each source, the Annotated Bibliography will present an annotation of the source. See Course Resources for a template for the annotations.

Required Research: Eight academic sources are required; at least three should be scholarly articles from the library’s (University of Maryland University College) databases. Two online resources can be included, but they must have been vetted for credibility. See the UMUC Library’s help on “Is My Source Credible?”

Dictionaries and encyclopedias do not count as academic research sources for this project.  A relevant YouTube clip may be included as one of the Internet sources, provided it has been vetted for credibility.

At the top of the first page, please include a working thesis for the project, so that the professor can help you to gauge the appropriateness of the sources chosen for your project’s focus.

Creating the Annotated Bibliography:

  1. The annotation of each source should provide a brief summaryof the source.  What is the source about?
  2. It should also include an assessment of the source.  What is the source’s greatest strength in relation to your project’s focus?
  3. Finally, it should contain a reflectionon how the writer plans to use the source in the upcoming project.  What role will the source play in your project?  What is its applicability to your research?

Each annotation (excluding the MLA citation information) should be between 100 and 200 words.

General assistance with annotated bibliographies and MLA citations can be found on the UMUC website at the below links.

Deliverable for Step Two: A completed Annotated Bibliography. In your assignment folder, you will submit an Annotated Bibliography that contains eight scholarly sources that meet the above requirements. The Annotated Bibliography should be formatted in the 8th edition of MLA style. The submission should be carefully edited and proofread for standard use of English.

Due Date for Part 2: This submission is due during Week 6, with the final day of submission being the. Please see the Course Schedule for the exact  due date for this submission.


Part 3. The Final Project

The project will be a screencast or narrated PowerPoint. See the “Technology Resources” under “Course Resources” for a list of resources. You will also submit a text version of the narration in Word as a separate file.

The Presentation will have three parts:

  1. Presentation of your historical research.
  2. Application of the historical context to each author and his/her work(s).
  3. Conclusion about the effects of the specific historical context upon the authors and their works.


If you use additional sources that are not listed in your Annotated Bibliography, please submit an updated Works Cited page separate from your presentation. It is not necessary to annotate the additional sources.

Due Date for Part 3: This submission is due during Week 8 on Wednesday, for peer review discussion. The final versions will be due by the last day of class. Please see the Course Schedule for the exact  due date for this submission.

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