New health policy for implementation

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Assume you have the ability to select one major “new” health policy for implementation. Select a topic from those presented in this week’s readings.

Initial Post

Using 750 words, complete the following:

  • Explain why you chose your topic and describe the expected impact on population health within the next five years.
  • APA 7th ed
  • Scholarly articles synthesis (Articles should not be more than 5 years old)


Barry, M. J., Edgman-Levitan, S., & Sepucha, K. (2018, September 6). Shared decision-making: staying focused on the ultimate goal. NEJM Catalyst. Retrieved from

Note that you will have to create a free account to access the following article:

  • The changing care team: New roles for current participants.Retrieved from
Discussion Rubric – 100 Points
Criteria Exceeds Expectations
Frequency of Contribution Initial post with two peer replies posted on two separate days.  25 points
Initial Post Initial post to is on time and of the correct length (500–750 words). All components of the initial post requirements are addressed. Course content synthesis is applied with at least two scholarly references included.  25 points
Peer Replies On time. There was substantial evidence and synthesis of course

content utilizing course topics and the introduction of questions and

new information.  25 points

Writing Mechanics and APA Format Few to no writing mechanics or APA errors.  25 points
Total points 100


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