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1. Read the project cards that have provided for you. Do not use any additional outside sources.
2. Please answer all of the questions on the worksheet I have provided for you for each of the project cards.
3. consider how some of these projects could be revived in today’s world. You should refer to your textbook, Power Point and lecture notes only. Pretend that you need to create a New “New Deal” like work project. It can be anything you like (art, construction, production for use etc.) write a brief description on the worksheet I have provided for you. Think about how you would sell this idea to the government.
This assignment is due on No late assignments will be accepted.
in This assignment you filled the question on the tamplet I did up lod and only you can used my book and card as sures

this is my boock info
If you wish to save money by using an open access (free) online textbook you should use The American Yawp
This textbook aligns well with Schultz’ book chronology which is the basis for class lectures and you can review the chapters before your tests.
History 110 Writing Assignment Two
New Deal Work Projects
WPA Project Name and Location. Date started and
ended. Cost during the Depression
How much was the cost in today’s money? How many people were employed? Who would have worked for this project? Men, women, professional, blue collar?

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Historical Currency conversion is the only currency site I want you to use (Alan Eisan).
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My New Deal Work Project
WPA Project Name and Location. What does your project do? How would it put unemployed people back to work in a meaningful way?


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