Net forces and accelerations

Net forces and accelerations Graded Assignment

Unit6 Test, Part 2

(25 points total, 3 questions)


  1. Two ropes are attached to either side of a50.0 kg wagon as shown below. The rope on the left is pulled at an angle 35° to the horizontal with a tension of 80.0N and while the rope on the right is pulled directly to the east (0° relative to the horizontal)with a tension of 85.0N.
  2. Find the components of the tension forces applied by the ropes. Show all work.



  1. Find the net force in the x (horizontal) direction assuming no friction. Show all work.



  1. Find the net acceleration of the wagon in the horizontal direction. Show all work.


(9 points)

  1. A 10.0 kg block rests on a level surface. The coefficient of static friction is µs = 0.60, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is µk = 0.35. A horizontal force, F, is applied to the block. As F is increased, the block begins moving.
  1. Find the minimum force, F, required for the block to just start to move.
  2. Find the force, F, required for the block to continue to move at a constant velocity.
  3. Explain what happens to the motion of the block if a force is applied greater than those found above.















(8 points)

  1. A 3.0 x 104 kg steel beam is lifted by a large crane. The beam accelerates upward at 1.50 m/s2. Find the applied force. Show all your work including a free body (or force) diagram.














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