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The following paragraphs outline expectations for Paper #2: “Covers” and the Concert Report
Paper #2: “Covers”
Choose one of the pairs of songs listed below and compose a concise essay (ca. 750 words) comparing these two versions. As a preliminary step, I recommend crafting
a musical road map (as you did in Paper #1), identifying the overarching song form, and noting musical stylistic features that characterize each track
(instrumentation/timbre, rhythm, meter, melody, harmony, form, etc.). Your essay should include a discussion of the following aspects:

0 Musical characteristics of the original

0 Musical characteristics of the cover

0 Similarities and differences in the music

0 Other sonic differences, perhaps stemming from the use of differing technologies, effects, etc.

0 Differences in lyrics (if any)

0 Differences in meaning
Be as specific as possible, and cite time stamps to reference your observations (e.g., “At 2:01 in the original the saxophones enter…”). The only materials you should
consult for this assignment are the songs themselves. You do not need to provide historical information on the songs or artists.
Song choices

0 Big Mama Thornton/Janice Joplin: ” Ball and Chain”

0 Elvis/Dead Kennedys: “Viva Las Vegas”

0 Nirvana/Tori Amos: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Simon & Garfunkel/Disturbed: “Sounds of Silence”

0 Students may wish to discuss both the acoustic and electric versions of Simon and Garfunkel’s original
0 Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash: “Hurt”
0 Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix: “All Along the Watchtower”

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