Mughal Empire

Was the Mughal Empire more modern or mediaeval?

– The goal of each short two-page essay is to advance a single, unified, and intellectually interesting argument or thesis.

– Typically, a good writing technique is to state your thesis at the top of page one, and then rest of the essay can be dedicated to elaborating on it.

– Do not try to start your essay with broad overarching generalizations or with only vaguely related discussions.

– In general, avoid tangential material throughout the essays, i.e. only present material directly related to advancing your main point.

– Since you only have 2 pages for each answer, make each line count.

– Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that makes it clear what the paragraph is about. The rest of the paragraph should be dedicated to making it clear how this topic relates to your main thesis and advances your argument.

-The last sentence of the paragraph is about as important as the first sentence. It might sum up your argument in the paragraph or offer a bridge to your next argument in your next paragraph.

– Overall, I am looking to see not only a good argument but also good organization. Each mini-essay should have a clear structure to it, with beginning, middle and end.

– Try to express yourself in clear and concise prose.

– If your writing is too verbose or full of jargon that is a problem.

– Read your writing out loud. If you would not say it that way, then don’t write it that way either.

– Please proof read your papers carefully.

– Avoid spelling, grammar, and style errors at all cost.

– Do NOT Plagiarize. If it’s not general knowledge and you had to look it up, cite it right. You have to cite all information and arguments derived from outside sources, including paraphrases, not only direct quotes. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade in this course.
-Your essays should also include a bibliography.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019